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Background bottom right problems

Sent by Moira Ashleigh on 1 September 2005 21:09

>I am guessing, since this is also a problem on CSS Zen Garden, that 
>it cannot be fixed but I thought it was worth a query before I 
>ripped the design apart.
>I have a background image set at no-repeat right bottom and on IE5 
>Mac (yeah the client is on an old Mac using IE5 and this is a favor 
>website - why do they always take the longest?) it does this weird 
>repeating thing as it tries to keep writing the image to the bottom 
>right of the available window instead of the bottom right of the 
>Has there ever been a fix for this? I searched the WIKI but didn't 
>find anything. I also searched the web but after trying many pages 
>have not found a reference to this bug.
>You can see it in IE5 Mac on the link below
>or at CSS Zen Garden

Yee hah - it isn't the same but with search I found a page that the 
bg image works in IE5 Mac and have adjusted my pages accordingly.

Thanks David for the percent hint - it led me to this solution that I 
can live with. :)

Moira Ashleigh. M.A.
Lead Designer
SolsticeSun Design
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