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Sent by Steve Clay on 1 September 2005 20:08

Thursday, September 1, 2005, 2:45:59 PM, Adam Kuehn wrote:
> Thierry Koblentz wrote:
>>I'm not sure if this is a "safe" solution; I wouldn't use float without an
>>explicite width...

> It is safe for all CSS 2 browsers with the sole exception of IE5/Mac. 
> That browser, and only that browser, requires the explicit width. 

From what I understand, IE5/Mac just expands "widthless"/width:auto; floats
to 100% (like "auto").  Is this correct?

If so, I'd think this would be an acceptable degradation in this situation.
Most browsers get shrink to fit, IE/mac gets full width.  No big deal.

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