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Columns with more than one element

Sent by Jim Davis on 1 September 2005 19:07

Here is an approach that validates, and provides the graphic look you seek. 
However, the flexibility of moving the elements is probably lacking.


On 9/1/05, Steve Clay [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> Thursday, September 1, 2005, 6:17:35 AM, [EMAIL-REMOVED] wrote:
> > It seems simple: to move an element to the right column - just change 
> its
> > style to "float:right", and the same for left.
> > It works fine in IE6, as you can see here:
> >
> IE breaks a rule of the float specs:
> (was also in CSS2)
> "5. The outer top of a floating box may not be higher than the outer top 
> of
> any block or floated box generated by an element earlier in the source..."
> "any...floated box" means left /or/ right floated. So you can stack floats
> to one side all you want, but compliant browsers shouldn't let you stack
> floats one direction then start floating blocks on the other and expect
> them to slide up the side like IE does.
> Eric Meyer ran into this limitation a long time ago in one of his demos:
> By adding some containers to your source I was able to /mostly/ pull this
> off in compliant browsers (not IE) keeping your source order:
> ...But the fixed negative top margin eliminates this layout's ability to
> handle an arbitrary amount of text. Someone more clever might be able to
> come up with a solution using more/different containers and some negative
> side margin magic so that you could keep your source order and have it
> accommodate any amount of text.
> Steve
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