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Re: [css-d] Using CSS2 to format printed output

Sent by David Munsey-Kano on 29 January 2002 13:01

Here is the answer to my own question. My sister just sent me this link,
which most of you probably already know about, but just in case:

It has a nice listing of which browsers support various CSS and CSS2
code. I guess most of the printing features require the latest versions
of Opera, so I guess it is just as well that I did not end up using them
on my final pages.

Sorry if this was a 'stupid' question!

Thanks anyway, David

> Are the paged media features of CSS2 supported by any current browsers? I
> tried this with IE 5.0 and NS 4.7 with no luck.
> Thanks, David

David Munsey-Kano
Digital Library Technologies Group
Dartmouth College
(603) 646-1320
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