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Background bottom right problems

Sent by Moira Ashleigh on 1 September 2005 18:06

I am guessing, since this is also a problem on CSS Zen Garden, that 
it cannot be fixed but I thought it was worth a query before I ripped 
the design apart.

I have a background image set at no-repeat right bottom and on IE5 
Mac (yeah the client is on an old Mac using IE5 and this is a favor 
website - why do they always take the longest?) it does this weird 
repeating thing as it tries to keep writing the image to the bottom 
right of the available window instead of the bottom right of the page.

Has there ever been a fix for this? I searched the WIKI but didn't 
find anything. I also searched the web but after trying many pages 
have not found a reference to this bug.
You can see it in IE5 Mac on the link below
or at CSS Zen Garden

Moira Ashleigh. M.A.
Lead Designer
SolsticeSun Design
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