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content overflowing width problem

Sent by Pringle, Ron on 1 September 2005 17:05

Hi all-

I'm having problems with certain types of content (images, tables) that are
simply too large for their containing area at various screen sizes (800x600
for instance).

See the example at:

I'm using a 3 (faux) column layout with negative margins and on some pages
the center content is too big to be contained at normal screen sizes. And
that doesn't even take into account text zooming by the end user, etc.

My layout is fairly flexible and resizable, allowing for different screen
sizes, resolutions, and font zooming. But some content such as images, or in
this case, large tables, simply will not fit in the content area.

In Firefox, the content simply expands under the right floated column, but
in IE, the right floated column is forced below the center content area.
Neither case is ideal, but I can live with the Firefox issues.

My real question is, what can I realistically do about this content? Is
there some css/style solution I'm overlooking? Or is this a case where the
content needs to be in a different format such as a downloadable PDF file or
opened in a new window?

Suggestions greatly appreciated.

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