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application question

Sent by Jono on 30 August 2005 22:10

Photoshop Elements is 95% as good as Photoshop and can be found for less
than $80 if you shop around.  Not free, but more than worth its price tag.

Photoshop Elements:

For logos, I'd much (much) rather have a pure vector application such as
Adobe's Illustrator, which is very expensive.  I've never tried the GIMP
programs, but they may do the trick?

On 8/30/05 12:11 PM, "Patrick Roane" [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone can suggest an affordable
> solution for designing logos/gifs (for FIR purposes)?
> I know that a lot of professionals use programs like
> Photoshop ...but I just can't affort the price-tag on
> such a beast.

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