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Hacks, to use them, or not

Sent by Adam Kuehn on 23 August 2005 22:10

Al Lemieux wrote:

>I'm in total agreement with Haoshiro. Hacks are just that - hacks. Its like
>using a screwdriver to hammer in a nail. A lot of them didn't work for me

May I suggest that this topic is covered sufficiently on the Wiki? 
Please see these pages:

<> - discusses 
this exact topic of whether or not to hack at all
<> - links to detailed 
discussions of many hacks and their possible shortcomings
<> - links to 
various bug resource sites
<> - attempts to 
define whether or not a CSS hack is "good"
<> - suggests 
workaround methods that avoid true hacks

Not to pick on Al at all.  It's just that this topic has been known 
to reach Holy War status.  I'd rather not see that on the list.  Very 



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