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Header problems on resizing - Repost

Sent by Peter Williams on 22 August 2005 04:04

> From: Larry Miller
> Have you tried adding a width property to your #header declaration?

> From: Rich Points
> I put together a tweak of your page.  I did so under the 
> assumption that you wanted a static width; 820px.> 

Rich and Larry,

I had tried a fixed width header myself, but I like and want
the reflow that I get without specifying a width. Even if I
specify a width for the header div, resizing the text can trigger
the jumping around issue.

I don't understand what you mean by the h1 and h4 being best in the
body content of the page either. I don't think there is a reason
semantic or technical that would make it unwise to use them in
the header (note that this is in the "body" element, not the "head"
element of the page if you misunderstood my previous message.

Have a look at the current iteration that I made after trying
Dwain's suggestions and see how it behaves.

I'd be pleased to hear how it works across few browsers and OSs.
I know that IE/Win doesn't resize the text and that FF 1.06/Win
seems pretty much acceptable at this point.

Peter Williams
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