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IE5 thumb hover clickable

Sent by Bruno Fassino on 20 August 2005 07:07

Steve wrote:
> Hi all, still pounding away at some thumbnails. Ive got a hover
> working in everything I can test PC/Mac, except in IE5 the clickable
> area is around the image (padding area, and I wonder if its behind the
> img also) and once u hover over the image you lose the link. IE5.5
> works just not 5.

In IE5.0 links with "hasLayout" (triggered by any dimension, or float) do
not work over images. We tried to explain this in [1], [2].
The only workaround that I see applicable in your case is to use an extra
wrapper (may be a div) around the anchors, so that you move most of your
'gallery' properties to this wrapper, and leave just the border and the
hover effect on the anchors (the anchors must not get 'hasLayout', so no
float and no dimensions on them!)  Maybe there are other workarounds, but I
don't know.
Btw, I have an example of a thumb gallery here [3], probably too complex for
your case, and using the proprietary -moz-inline-box, but maybe you can get
some ideas.



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