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Table-cell and IE

Sent by Janelle Clemens on 19 August 2005 18:06

Okay, here is an example:

The top code was an option someone else suggested but not what I needed so

The second and third are the ones I am working with.   I need the bottom
borders to line up evenly.   If you view on Firefox you will see the bottom
code works like a dream.   This is what I need to accomplish.   Currently I
am going with a simple table and styling each cell with the background image
but it would be great if there is a work around having to create it in a
table.   Being it is not tabular data and only visual layout I would like to
avoid the table.  

Does anyone know if IE7 will be display: table-cell compliant?


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On Aug 15, 2005, at 2:32 PM, Janelle Clemens wrote:

> Please help as I am starting to go bald from pulling by hair out over 
> this issue.
Um,  hopefully not  I haven't seen your picture, but I would be likely to
imagine you with hair. :)

> Is there anyway (hack) to get Internet Exlporer to abide by the 
> table-cell property?
No.  Sorry.  You could fake it with javascript but it wouldn't be pretty.

> Or is there a max-height hack for IE?
No again.  IE is particularly good at growing containers to hold all there
content whether we like it or not.

Sorry I'm striking out.  If you post a url we might be able to come up with
a work around.


Roger Roelofs
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	God allows U-turns!"
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