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Trying to find about accessibility

Sent by Christian Heilmann on 19 August 2005 00:12

> Finally got around to making descent sites using CSS instead of HTML. Thought I would go the whole
hog and get some acessibility in while I was at it.

Accessibility is not a technical matter or something to add to a web
site after you have done all the rest, the sooner you plan for a
diverse user group, the better your site will be in terms of
accessibility. A visual text "see our offers on the right" "click here
to  continue" can never be accessible, neither can be an unreadable
font or colours with  not enough contrast.

> (i) How can I change the text size on a page - look at the top right hand corner.
> I have seen this on a few sites and want to see some tutorials/guidelines..

This is a font resizing widget, and while it is rather nice to have,
it is not really a must or a need when it comes to accessibility.
Basically it is a dumbed down style switcher:
> (ii) the XHTML 1.0 Transitional and CSS can be done online at W3C but what about WAI 'AAA'. How is
this achived, I hear it has to be chaecked manually.

There are automated tools doing the donkey work for you, like webxact,
but as accessibility   is about people, and not computers, you will
have to test manually. A tool could never recognise what is
alternative text that makes sense and what isn't. Beware of the AAA AA
and A. They are guidelines that mean nothing in a legal sense, or even
how _usable_ the site is. AAA is almost impossible to reach and still
be a usable and pretty site.

> Any links, books, tutorials would be much appreciated,

The  motherlode, dated but  still good:
Good Web site and mailinglist:

This is off-topic here by the way, isn't it?

Chris Heilmann 
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