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A Firefox 1.0.6, Opera 8.02, Netscape - 2 MINOR problems

Sent by Christopher Harris on 12 August 2005 20:08

I just nearly completed revamping my site's homepage to look good in FF, 
Opera, and Netscape.  I need it to look like I have it in IE.  I have 2 
small problems.

My php page:
My CSS page:

If you look at the bottom right corner - there's a green thick line area 
poking out.  Compare it to IE6 and you'll see how it should look - just 
plain white with the background pic.  It's the very last attribute in my CSS 
file - bRightCorner.
The other issue is in IE6 you'll notice this crazy backround image.  It's 
not there in the others.  Why?  What's weird is that if I take out the CSS 
attributes for .middleLine and the selector .middleLine itself, the 
background pics come back.  Weird - but I need .middleLine to be in my CSS 
file.  Help please?  Thank you in advance.

- Chris

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