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dt and dd next to each other

Sent by Zoe M. Gillenwater on 11 August 2005 16:04

Pringle, Ron wrote:

>>Is there a way to get a dt and a dd next to each other?
>Have a look at the Wiki[1], it discusses this. I also seem to remember Zoe
>Gillenwater doing some experimenting with this very same idea, but do not
>recall if she posted a sample page anywhere. You could try googling for the
>thread in the archives.

Yeah, I've used floats to do this, but the problem I ran into is dt's 
without an accompanying dd.  This makes the next dd move up into the 
space left for that missing dd, which means you have a term aligned with 
an incorrect definition.  I think the way I worked around it was just to 
give everything a dd, even if all id had in it was  


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