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expanding submenu

Sent by Christian Heilmann on 10 August 2005 14:02

On 8/10/05, dimpie [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:
> I would like to be able create a menu with several levels (submenu's) that does the folowing:
> If you hover over the toplevel the submenu should expand and stay visible when you remove the
mouse from it.
> When you hover over the top menu again, the submenu should close.
> I was wondering it this is possible with CSS only?
> Here is an example of what I'd like to achieve.
> If you hover over 'Over Hoogvliet' the submenu expands and stays open if you remove the mouse

No. CSS cannot keep a state, and can only show and hide everything
inside the element the cursor is currently on. This effect can be
easily done with JavaScript though.

Chris Heilmann 
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