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Newbie Needs help!

Sent by Darren Shrager on 8 August 2005 18:06

Can anyone please help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?

This is the page in question:

Basically, the navigational elements should span the entire width,  
and the hover backgrounds should not be overlapping either the grey  
border above or below, but should fit exactly up to those borders  
(entire height is 29px)

I've tried several things, and nothing seems to work!  Here were my  
other lame attempts:

I've looked at Listomatic, and that is where I got most of this  
code.  Problem is made worse by the fact that I cannot seem to  
position the div exactly where I want it (it seems to want to indent  
and be pushed down lower) and I also cannot center the text  
vertically, either!

Please help me, if you can, and keep me from scrapping the whole  
idea, and just going with graphics and javascript!

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