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Re: [css-d] OT: Lack of Knowledge and the Web Factory

Sent by Ziya Oz on 29 January 2002 13:01

abbey wrote:

> I'm going to guess the lack of knowledge is due to the proliferation of
> WYSIWYG *tools.* 

Since no one else has come to the defense of visual tools, I will.

Are we worse off for having visual page layout tools or should we go back to
hand coding PostScript?

Are we worse off for having visual movie editing tools or should we go back
to green-on-black terminals?

Are we worse off for having GUIs or should we all go back to the dark ages
of the CLI?

Do you think you'd even have a job currently as a web developer if it hadn't
been for the proliferation of visual tools that fueled the critical mass of
the HTML universe we have today?

Are you suggesting that people don't generate feeble code when not using
visual tools?

Do you think CSS has any chance of getting traction without visual tools
making it easier for designers and others to adopt it?

I know it's fashionable to dump on visual tools as if knowing how to set
properties for some divs by hand is some achievement that could obviate good
judgment, a sense of proportion, ability to structure and plain design

Three cheers for visual tools, and may they continue to get better.


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