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[css-d] OmniWeb, hidden DIVs & positioning bug?

Sent by Ray Drainville / Argument from Design on 29 January 2002 13:01

Hello all,

I've got a question regarding a specific browser, OmniWeb 4.0.3 (a Mac OS
X-only browser), and what I _think_ is an example of one of its CSS bugs,
and was hoping if someone out there could verify that it is, or alternately
that I've screwed something up :)


This page is set up with an external style sheet. There are a number of DIVs
on the page. The ones that are relevant here are 'contentLayer' &
'hideLayer'. They both share the following characteristics:


Except that 'hideLayer' has the extra declaration of 'visibility: hidden;'.
What happens is that when you click on one of the links, 'contentLayer'
becomes hidden, and the specified 'hideLayer' becomes visible, via

So far, so good. Except that when you view the page with Omniweb, _all_ of
the 'hideLayer' DIVs lose their information about width, so they stretch off
into the distance; AND none of the images show up!

I know that OmniWeb's CSS is not currently fully functional (apparently
it'll be much improved with 4.1), but I was wondering if anyone could a.)
verify that this is a bug, or b.) tell me what I've done wrong!


Argument from Design-Web & Multimedia
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