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NEWBIE: IE vs FF padding

Sent by Felix Miata on 24 July 2005 19:07

Barbara King wrote:
> Can someone please help me understand how to compensate for the padding
> differences in IE and Firefox. I'm real new to this designing with CSS but
> I'm obsessed and want to do it right. In Firefox, all pages on this newly
> redesigned site have a dark red border down the right side--even though it
> is obviously made of "different pieces," all of them are aligned. In IE,
> however, the line is not continuous but offset with each link. (And yeah, I
> know I shouldn't be using graphics as links--I'll work on that next time.)
> Here's a link to a sample page on the site:
> As far as I can tell, my CSS and my HTML are valid. I'll be very glad to get
> guidance, comments, opinions on anything--just understand that I know just
> enough to be serious about this.

Check these margin/padding reset discussions:
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