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Re: [css-d] font-family choices

Sent by Austin Govella on 29 January 2002 12:12

I believe you can still only count on:

verdana, trebuchet, arial on PCs

verdana, trebuchet, helvetica, geneva, arial on Macs

georgia, times new roman on PCs

georgia, times on Macs

I'm assuming IE installs verdana, georgia, and trebuchet. I'm not sur it 
installs the others.

Other points to ponder: impact doesn't seem to anti-alias well on the 
web. I hate hate hate comic sans. I've only ever seen it used well once 
since I've been on the web. Verdana and Georgia are ideal for the web 
because they were designed to be more legible on the screen. Both Times 
and Arial get too skinny and cramped to read.

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