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[OT] Re: Re: [css-d] CSS code displays on screen in Netscape 4.x

Sent by Jeremy Dunck on 29 January 2002 12:12

>Message: 26
>From: Jeffrey Zeldman [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
>Subject: Re: [css-d] CSS code displays on screen in Netscape 4.x

>In my experience, a surprising number of sysadmins fail to set the
>CSS mime type. The result is that valid sites fail in Mozilla and
>other browsers that properly require the appropriate mime type. IE5
>doesn't seem to care, and that perpetuates the problem among
>under-trained sysadmins who view the web through a single browser.

  At this point I'll demonstrate my lack of knowledge by asking...
Anyone know a more succinct and clear MIME explanation than the original 
  Sure I've seen type="text/javascript", and whatnot.  But I really don't 
understand when and where to use each type.  I basically use what I see 
others using.  ;-)

>Lack of knowledge is a huge problem in our industry, and despite the
>availability of fine lists such as this one, said resources only help
>those who know they need them.

  I pride myself on knowing what I don't know.  At least, I think I do.  


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