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problem with background image

Sent by Gary Turner on 8 July 2005 18:06

John Goodwyn wrote:
   Gary wrote:
 >> Drop the footer out of .contentwrapper.  Put it immediately after
 >> closing .contentwrapper.

> I tried that; worked in FF, didn't work didn't work in IE.  Other thoughts?

You have some errors in your html the could cause problems. [1]

You could also be having float clearing problems [2] with contentwrapper 
or possibly another container; it's hard to follow the page logic due to 
inconsistent indention and a sparseness of comments on end tags.

There's a good chance that if you run the html through tidy and clean up 
the errors, it may be self healing.  As sloppy as IE is, it is somewhat 
intolerant of syntax errors.




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