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RE: [css-d] RE: how do you kill vertical scrollbar in IE 1 2

Sent by John Woram on 29 January 2002 12:12

Timothy Luoma asked: "Is it worth it to go through all of this to make
such a small difference?"

Well, yes and no (and remember you read it here first).

I can think of a few arguments for killing the ghostbar:
1. On a home page that doesn't need it, it's a visual distraction.
2. Less-experienced viewers may be puzzled by the appearance of a
"do-nothing" scrollbar and think there's something wrong.
3. It eats up screen real estate which may be needed for large images.
4. It's a bug.

Although overflow:auto; fixes it in IE, it has the reverse effect in
Netscape. So a lot of folks are hunting for a simple fix that would be
more elegant than that Javscript workaround that I'm using.

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