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Sent by Donna Jones on 5 July 2005 01:01

Steve, do you have the webdev toolbar installed on Firefox?  There is a 
handy way to validate your code from it.

There are 22 errors in your code, plus you don't have encoding 
information, apparently.

Also, the IE problem, if you give a bit of space between your divisions 
it might help.  On the webdev toolbar also is an outline piece which can 
go a ways toward helping diagnose problems.


Steve wrote:

> Been messing with this for a day and a half. Just can`t seem to figure
> how to fix. Firefox and Safari look ok, but for IE mac and IE WIN
> things a little disturbed. Could PLEASE help me fix  ??
> <[ site ]>>><< <[ ]>>><<<[ here ]>
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