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[css-d] @import with media in Windows IE5.5

Sent by Adrian Simmons on 29 January 2002 12:12


I'm working on a page with plenty of CSS/CSS2, I asked someone to 
test it in Windows IE 5+ (I'm mac based) and as far as I can tell 
their IE 5.5 didn't import my stylesheet, just completely ignored it.

So I'm wondering what support Windows IE5.5 has for @import and the 
various possible media types, I can't find anything in my CSS books 
or online.

Here's how I import the stylesheet:

@import url(xstalbio.css) all;
@import url(xstalbioprint.css) print;

Works fine in Mac IE5, NS6.2, Mozilla0.97 and Opera5.
Does Win IE5.5 support media type all?
Is there a resource anywhere that describes which browsers support 
which media types?

Here are the relevant URI's:

Any tips appreciated.


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