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[css-d] Re: LVHA

Sent by Jessie Bonisteel on 29 January 2002 12:12

>No, it doesn't. Two things:
 >* NN4.x doesn't know about hovering, so it won't show any hover
 >styles, in case that's the browser you were using.
 >* A URL to an example page would really help.

DOH!! I actually just figured out why it wasn't was due 
to a missing curly bracket and temporary blindness on my part! ( hehe)

Also I was wondering if anyone had any 'tips' for organizing style 
sheets. I find that I will write out what I want, start making my 
page(s) and then half way through will think..oh yea, I want to add a 
style to do such-and-such, so I add that style. By the end of it, I 
find that  my style sheets are REALLY long and that there are things 
I probably could be combining to make things easier. I think it 
probably just comes with experience  (and a better understanding of 
specificity and inheritance). But any tips are always helpful!
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