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a problem with the impression of the tag pre

Sent by Ingo Chao on 23 June 2005 10:10

Matthieu Petiot schrieb:
> Ingo says : Would be nice if you or someone else would implement the 
>>javascript injection as mentioned in the post, and open it to the public. 
>>Would be fun to use it for long listings (I do this manually, but only for 
>>small listings).
> I did not too much understand, I am not very good translator. Can explain?
> 2005/6/23, Ingo Chao [EMAIL-REMOVED]>:

I believe the mentioned <ol>-listing has some advantages over a <pre> 
listing when we want to style the listing for some devices (see my 

But manually inserting these li's and class="tabulator2" and so on is a 
pain in a long listing.

I thought Dom Scripting can

do thelisting
   for each line in <pre>
   count for tabulators
   ... .createElement('li');
   ... .setAttribute('class',);
   ... .insert_at_aprobate_position	
   next line
while (and so on)

or else one of these nice one-liners in php, some weird expressionistic 
stuff like

$pretty_listing = preg_match_this_or_that('!^\t(.1+~:)&\2?/z',
callback(do_the_list), $pre_listing);

Unfortunately, my English is worse than my CSS, but better than my 
JavaScript or PHP knowledge.

When it's possible to insert tables via the TILT method (Table Injection 
for Layout Technique) -
- it should be not too hard to invent a LIPT method (List Injection for 
Pre Tags).

The inventor would probably get fame and honour, at least a chocolate 
medal from me (only in the E.U.)

But I might be completely wrong (and OT, for sure).


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