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a problem with the impression of the tag pre

Sent by Ingo Chao on 23 June 2005 09:09

Matthieu Petiot schrieb:
> ...   when I print the page, part of the contents of the tag pre is truncated
> because lines are very long.  ...


I'd like to suggest a theoretical method without using <pre>.
I once posted the following to the wsg-list.


You are a programmer, it shouldn't be too hard to parse your 
<pre>-listing and compile a <ol>-list (I haven't tried, it's a sort of 

The advantage is that you have full control on a ol-list (line-numbers, 
highlighting lines on hover, indenting, wrapping) and you could write 
some rules for media print and for media screen, projection.

Would be nice if you or someone else would implement the javascript 
injection as mentioned in the post, and open it to the public. Would be 
fun to use it for long listings (I do this manually, but only for small 

regards, Ingo
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