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Re: [css-d] font-family choices

Sent by Andrew Clover on 29 January 2002 12:12

Bob Sawyer [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

> Like many before me, I'm sick of Arial, Verdana, Georgia, and Times New
> Roman

You're bored of Georgia already too? Oh, what a terrible case of ennui
this patient has!

> surely there are other, equally attractive font choices that can
> be used.

Not a lot. There's "Trebuchet MS", which many Windows machines have.
"Tahoma" too but that's a core font so you're probably bored of it already.
"Palatino Linotype" comes with Win2K (XP too?) and is a nice surprise to
see occasionally. "Lucida Sans" (another Win2K font) is okay but too bold
at default sizes, and not anything like as nice as the Lucida Bright
version with serifs that you don't get with Windows. Arials Black and Narrow
are common but of limited use. After that you're down to the Bookmen and
Garamonds which you may see installed thanks to DTP apps but it's not
wonderfully likely.

Have you played with embedded fonts? They're really good fun, though it's
a pity only IE supports them thus far.

Andrew Clover
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