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Re: [css-d] ASP product with CSS / Section 508

Sent by aardvark on 29 January 2002 12:12

> From: David Eleuterius [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
> could design the product without the use of tables. However, as there
> are numerous forms with complicated layouts, I am not sure this is
> possible, considering the different browsers in use (at least Netscape
> 4.x has dropped off of our "supported" list).

ok, i've seen this...

> So with this in mind, what is your opinion as to what depth the
> product should take with regards to CSS? I am less and less confident
> in an advanced application of CSS. Fonts and colors will definitely be
> put in CSS but I am uncertain as to whether I can eschew tables and
> rely on CSS because of some very complicated forms.

i'd suggest you hold on to the tables... make sure, however, that 
the page linearizes well... check it in Lynx, for example, to see 
how it would appear to a screen reader...  this way you can make 
sure the form labels are associated with the form fields...

obviously use elements like <label>, since for those browsers that 
support it, they will get the benefit, and for those that don't, well, it 
won't hurt them...

and use the CSS to do the styles... don't rely on color (for required 
fields, for example), instead use syntactical markup (<strong> over 
<b>, for instance)...

remember that it needs to be accessible to all, even those on NN3 
(right?  it *is* government), so don't use CSS for layout if you don't 
want them to have a linearized page (which impacts the usability 
for sighted users)...

> If anyone has experience with doing this, or in having to comply with
> Section 508, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your
> time.

absotively... i have lots of experience with 508 compliance -- i've 
been preaching it since before it was law, and that has been a 
major selling point of my company as well...
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