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Re: [css-d] ASP product with CSS / Section 508

Sent by Austin Govella on 29 January 2002 12:12

> So with this in mind, what is your opinion as to what depth the product 
> should take with regards to CSS? I am less and less confident in an 
> advanced application of CSS. Fonts and colors will definitely be put in 
> CSS but I am uncertain as to whether I can eschew tables and rely on CSS 
> because of some very complicated forms.

If you structure your content appropriately, then tables will not hinder 
accessibility. Beyond that, tables are more than acceptable when seeking 
508 compliance.

In my experience, I structure the content the way it will be structured 
10 years from now.

I place the header and footers in id'd divs. The content and related 
navigation as well.

Once the content is properly encapsulated in divs, and in the correct 
order in the page, then I add in table tags for the visual design.

At a later date, I can do a global find and replace to remove the table 
tags and add the positioning to the stylesheet.

That's my strategy, at any rate...

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