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wrapping long URLs

Sent by Paul Novitski on 17 May 2005 08:08

At 05:59 PM 5/16/2005, Christy Collins wrote:
>Is there a CSS way to make long URLs wrap?

Recently I approached this problem in a different way than I had before: 
rather than figure out how to include the entire longCrazyUrl onto the 
page, I decided to let it be partially hidden.  My rationale is that most 
of the time people just need to navigate to an URL; the few that need to 
read or copy & paste the URL can easily do so through the browser user 
interface: mouse-hovering to get the title tooltip or right-clicking to get 
the link location.

My links page markup was a definition list:

    <dt>Name of the resource</dt>
       <a href=""

styled as:

       width: 30em;              /* constrain width */
       height: 1.5em;            /* constrain height */
       overflow: hidden;         /* hide excess */

So it might render like this:

         Name of the resource

I'm still trying to come up with a further improvement:  I'd like an 
ellipsis (...) to appear at the right-hand edge of the container when the 
contents are truncated but not when they fit.

Doing the opposite is easy:  I can display an image at the right edge 
that's covered up by long text and not by short text.

Any suggestions?


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