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RE: [css-d] LVHA

Sent by Keith Higgs on 29 January 2002 11:11

For the sake of the newbies to this discussion, what is "LVFHA?"

At 11:38 AM 1/29/2002, you wrote:
>At 11:33 -0500 1/29/02, Fortune Elkins wrote:
>>>  I am aware of the LVHA 'rule'
>>and i've always wondered where a:focus fits into this "rule"? <grin/>
>    That depends in part on the author's discretion, but after a good deal 
> of thought I've decided that a good default placement for it is right in 
> the middle.  Thus we would have the LVFHA rule, for which I recently 
> proposed the following suitably geeky mnemonics:
>    Lord Voldemort Finds Harry Abhorrent
>    Lascivious Vipers Find Hermione Attractive
>    Little Vikings Float Home Anon
>    LV426 Fed Hungry Aliens
>    Lord Vader Froze Han's A**
>There were a couple of related suggestions:
>    Lascivious Vixen Finds Humor Attracting (Angela C. Buraglia)
>    Luther Vandross Finds Her Attractive (James M. Shook)
>Take your pick!
>Eric A. Meyer (, List Chaperone
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