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Site check request, esp. from Mac/IE users

Sent by Kelley on 9 April 2005 01:01


We're working on a redesign of a friend's blog. After trying out several 
three-column designs, we settled on a Ruthsarian Skidoo design:

Things were going along swimmingly, until we added the left column search 
box. The padding on the submit button appeared to have set off an IE bug. 
We removed the search box, but we're still having problems, mostly with OS 
X/MSIE users. One report from an OS X/Safari user indicates problems, but 
several other reports from OS X/Safari users that indicate no problems with 
the site design.

The left column isn't aligning properly at the top of the page. Some 
viewers are reporting that the left column sits at the bottom of the page. 
The test page is here:

Relevant style sheets:

It seems to be working out fine for most other Windows OS/browser 
combinations, but we've only tested with a limited number of users, mostly 
on Windows platforms running the newest MS or Firefox  browsers.

Thanks very much for your help!



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