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Re: [css-d] float:right and Mac IE5

Sent by sara j. flemming on 25 January 2002 04:04

on 1/24/02 11:48 PM, Scott Andrew LePera said:
> So here's the problem: those of you with Mac IE5 will notice that the weblog
> paragraphs wrap at the left margin of the random grey text in the upper
> right corner, instead of all the way over to the right margin of the page.
> That grey text is inside a DIV with a float:right applied. It's almost as
> the DIV is stretched downward, invisibly, blocking the text and forcing the
> wrap.


i couldn't tell you if this is a known bug, but i know i tend to have issues
with Mac IE anytime i try to get the slightest bit sneaky with CSS.

i don't really have an answer as to "why" your Content DIV is wrapping at
the left-hand side of your random DIV. i tried a few things and what's
worked best (so far) is the following:


i put your pic and random DIVs into a DIV together and then put that inside
of the Content DIV (and futzed with the margins on the Content DIV). i also
put a little spacer DIV beneath that to give some breathing room before your
entries begin. 

i'm not entirely sure i've just taken the scenic route with this, but the
only browser that i have that it looks slighty wonky in is opera 5 for OS X.
haven't got mozilla for os x, yet, though, so i'm not sure what goes on

i hope that helps at all!


    sara j. flemming (.sara)
    sara @ soubriquet . net
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