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Re: [css-d] ASP product with CSS / Section 508

Sent by Kevin Smith on 29 January 2002 11:11

On 01.29.2002 10:51 AM, David Eleuterius wrote:

> Netscape 4.x has dropped off of our "supported" list
> I am uncertain as to whether I can eschew tables and rely on  CSS because of
> some very complicated forms.

What is it about these forms that concerns you?

If, by 'complicated', you mean the elements are laid out in a grid-based
design, then you might have to either keep the tables (which aren't
inherently a hindrance to accessibility, IMO), or rework the design. If
you're talking about something else, could you elaborate?

Without having to concern yourself with Netscape 4.x, you'll find that CSS
works quite nicely with forms.

kevin c smith
tatnet, inc.
t: 410.571.9462
f: 410.571.9442
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