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[css-d] ASP product with CSS / Section 508

Sent by David Eleuterius on 29 January 2002 10:10

Good morning all. First, let me say this list has been a great learning 
resource and certain fills a void of knowledge for me. Up until a few weeks 
ago, I thought I had known a fair bit about CSS. Now I can see exactly how 
much I don't know. Thanks go out to those who moderate and host this list 
to make this high quality exchange of information possible.

I am tasked with taking a ASP/intranet product and redesigning it to 
streamline it. First of all, this product is used by agencies who receive 
federal funding specifically for our product. Because of this, we will have 
to make our product conform to Section 508 accessibility laws. Before 
undertaking this project I had thought that CSS would help a great deal in 
achieving compliance, with the thought that I could design the product 
without the use of tables. However, as there are numerous forms with 
complicated layouts, I am not sure this is possible, considering the 
different browsers in use (at least Netscape 4.x has dropped off of our 
"supported" list).

So with this in mind, what is your opinion as to what depth the product 
should take with regards to CSS? I am less and less confident in an 
advanced application of CSS. Fonts and colors will definitely be put in CSS 
but I am uncertain as to whether I can eschew tables and rely on CSS 
because of some very complicated forms.

If anyone has experience with doing this, or in having to comply with 
Section 508, I would appreciate hearing from you. Thanks for your time.

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