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how to prevent container DIV from collapsing

Sent by Jesse Scott on 4 March 2005 01:01

I've got the strange case here that the layout looks fine in IE6 but Firefox 
collapses the "Container" div since all the DIVs inside are floating. If I add 
just about anything (like an nbsp) right before the close the the container div, 
it will fill out to the appropriate size (+ 1 line for the nbsp) but if there 
isn't something there in collapses down to 1 pixel high.

I know why it's doing it, I just don't know a good way to make it stop. I've 
tried throwing in a BR with clear: both; and some dimensions to make it small 
but I can't seem to trick Firefox into doing what I want.

Anyway, it's probably something pretty stupid and easy but I'm tired of banging 
my head against it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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