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[css-d] css doesn't load except upon refresh

Sent by Michael Southwell on 29 January 2002 10:10

This also happens using the K-Meleon browser, which prides itself on its 
speed.  I presume it gets the page and gets busy rendering without
waiting for the CSS.  Refresh always fixes it, but it's disconcerting.  At 
least there won't be many innocent users using this obscure but
  excellent browser (; those who do can 
figure out what's happening!

> > browser. If they re-load, the code goes away. At least some, maybe=20
> > all, users with the problem are on Macs on the internal campus=20
> > network, which is very fast. The problem does not seem to be related=20
> > to any particular XSL stylesheet, or CSS stylesheet for that matter.=20
> > And the problem never appears when I check the pages!

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