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IE7? Is Coming?

Sent by Alex Robinson on 15 February 2005 21:09

At 6:29 pm -0200 2003/01/25, Diego Eis wrote:
>Hey! This is true?! :)

Yes this is true. Those are both official Microsoft blogs and the 
news is already rippling out through the usual media channels.

However, the announcement makes it clear that IE7 will not ship 
before the summer and that its focus will be on security issues.

Apart from that we know nothing, and aren't going to know anything 
until people get their hands on the the beta versions.

[Putting  my moderator hat on...]

Consequently, until we do know what impact (if any) this will have on 
the practical use of CSS, can I please ask that people refrain from 
discussing this any further.

(BTW Diego, your date settings are way out - it's quite possible that 
many people on the list won't have seen your original message since 
it claims to have been sent in 2003)
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