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background position bug in safari?

Sent by Philippe Wittenbergh on 15 February 2005 05:05

On 14 Feb 2005, at 2:06 pm, Randall Hansen wrote:

> When told to position a background image taller than its container
> below the container top and not to repeat it, Safari does repeat the
> image.
> Validating test case, works in Mozilla and IE6, breaks in Safari:
> Unless I misunderstand the spec or am making a mistake, this is a bug.

There are two bugs with background images in Safari, as far as I know.

1/ as mentioned above, when a background image is bigger than it's 
container (computed value), Safari loses the positioning, and start 
repeating the image, even when no-repeat is specified.
It doesn't matter if the size mismatch is horizontal or vertical.

Workaround: none, except: be creative with your image.....

2/ a problem with background images on a:hover, where the image start 
repeating when it shouldn't. So far I have only experienced this 
problem with vertical offset of background images (moving the image up 
or down on hover).

I did file bugs with Apple when I found those, but a reminder is never 
bad :-)

PS - the first problem was once mentioned a long time ago on this list.

Philippe Wittenbergh
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