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Re: [css-d] float:right and Mac IE5

Sent by Al Sparber on 25 January 2002 03:03

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From: "Scott Andrew LePera" [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
Sent: Friday, January 25, 2002 2:48 AM
Subject: [css-d] float:right and Mac IE5

> Hello everyone. For my inaugural post on css-discuss, I'd like to ask for
> advice on a full CSS site redesign.  Here's the URL:
> compare it to the orginal, table-based layout:
> I'm extremely happy with it so far.  I've cut down the page weight
> considerably by ditching the tables and I've been really, really suprised
> how close it's gotten to the original design.  The process has really sold
> me on CSS.  It looks exactly how I want it to in NS6/Mozilla and Opera
> Win), and just a bit off alignment-wise in IE5 Win, due to the box model
> (I admire but refuse to use the voice-family hack).

Looks perfect on IE6-Win2k, as wellas Opera6, and Mozz..9.7

One design comment....

For the amount of content you have on your home page, I really think that
the stretchy content div makes for an uncomfortably wide line of text...
especially compared to your present design.
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