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RE: [css-d] CSS code displays on screen in Netscape 4.x

Sent by RUST Randal on 29 January 2002 09:09

This is not necessarily for Zeldman to answer...

Why do you think it is that there is such a lack of knowledge in our
industry?  I even work for a big IT consulting firm, and the current web
project I'm on didn't even think to register a domain name (this was back
before I came onto the project).

In my case, I think that sofware developers look at web developers and turn
up their noses, but that's just my opinion.

I think there is also a "factory" mentality in this business.  Rather than
hammer out car chassis all day, our project managers push us hammer out code
as fast as we can and rush the thing out the door, then move onto the next
project, which is such a poor way of doing things.  Personally, I've never
figured out why no one has ever thought to try and unionize web designers.
We're the steel workers of the 21st century.

Randal Rust

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From: Jeffrey Zeldman [EMAIL-REMOVED]]
Sent: Tuesday, January 29, 2002 9:28 AM
Subject: Re: [css-d] CSS code displays on screen in Netscape 4.x

John Allsopp [EMAIL-REMOVED]> wrote:

>It is a distant memory, but there was a similar problem a long im ago,
>related to the mime type of the CSS file as served by the server. Check
>that the server is serving the style sheet as text/css. Anyone else
>remeber this?

In my experience, a surprising number of sysadmins fail to set the 
CSS mime type. The result is that valid sites fail in Mozilla and 
other browsers that properly require the appropriate mime type. IE5 
doesn't seem to care, and that perpetuates the problem among 
under-trained sysadmins who view the web through a single browser.

Several organizations I've worked with fill sysadmin positions by 
promoting "the guy who installs Windows." Such sysadmins are 
frequently overworked and overwhelmed, and take their job cues from 
non-technical administrators. Fulfillment of requests that the 
appropriate mime type be set can take a week or longer. Often, the 
same request must be made again for the next site created for that 
same client.

Lack of knowledge is a huge problem in our industry, and despite the 
availability of fine lists such as this one, said resources only help 
those who know they need them.


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