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developing for handheld

Sent by Jonny Axelsson on 1 February 2005 23:11

On Thu, 27 Jan 2005 18:18:33 -0000, Syntactic: Jim Wilkinson  

> I understand your point about latency (an extra GET for the CSS file).  
> But I'm not clear how embedding the most crucial styles in a <style>  
> element will make a difference. Can you elaborate please? Perhaps you  
> have "redrawing" in mind - if handheld browsers do this as their bigger  
> desktop cousins do.

Yes, you're right. This workaround would not be the most generic one.  
Opera 7 (currently sold mostly in Asia) does reflow, but the other phone  
browsers (including Opera 6) do not. Purely embedded style sheets should  
work for latency-critical applications for these browsers too, but that  
has other obvious drawbacks.

Jonny Axelsson,
Web Standards,
Opera Software ASA
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