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Sent by Jim Nannery on 1 February 2005 05:05

Evening Abyss

You wrote

Could you please check out for me and see if there are any 
problems please..

You should consider removing the XML prologue**  from the head of your 
document, it's causing IE 6 to switch to quirks mode [1]. (Unless you want 
the page to render in quirks mode in IE 6 ?)

In FF 1.0 on a win XP Pro SP2 box with a screen res of 800x600 the right 
hand nav links are dead flush with the right edge of the view port. In IE 
6.0 there is some space between the view port edge and the links.... at 
1024x768 IE also shoves the right hand links hard against the view port edge 
and the font is small and hard (for me) to read.


Jim Nannery
owner -
** <?xml version="1.0"?>[1] 

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