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developing for handheld

Sent by Syntactic: Jim Wilkinson on 27 January 2005 18:06


> 3. Yes, but. There is an issue with latency (delay) that can be very  
> high for phones. External style sheets are more efficient and easier to  
> maintain, but incurs at least one (slow) roundtrip the first time  
> around. If I were to really optimise for phones I would add the most  
> crucial styles in an embedded 'style' section. After the first page,  
> when the style sheet is cached, this problem largely disappear.

I understand your point about latency (an extra GET for the CSS file). But  
I'm not clear how embedding the most crucial styles in a <style> element  
will make a difference. Can you elaborate please? Perhaps you have  
"redrawing" in mind - if handheld browsers do this as their bigger desktop  
cousins do.

Jim Wilkinson

Cardiff, Wales UK

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