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@Import vs. StyleSwitching

Sent by Jim Nannery on 24 January 2005 19:07

Morning Melissa

You wrote

Does anyone know of a site that lists all browsers that support @Import?
I would like to serve unstyled information to older browsers yet still
serve styled information to the following browsers: IE 5+ (Mac and PC),
NS 6+, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari and Opera. I have read the wiki on
styleswitching ( and
have done some other reading on various methods to serve different style
sheets to different browsers. I am a bit confused on my best route or
option at this point.

The support charts at [1] and [2] both show solid 
support by modern browsers.

Using @import  is one of several ways to hide styles from older browsers. 
Others on this list have suggested using an externally linked style sheet 
with  *media="screen,projection" or media="all" *.  I haven't tried the 
media="screen,projection", but have had success with @import and media="all" 
for hiding styles from NN4x browsers.

If  I'm understanding your question correctly, using a style switcher 
(either java based or alt style sheets) to hide CSS from older browsers 
seems like a lot of work to go to when the @import and the *media* methods 
work very well.

Use style switching when you want to give your visitor a different look and 
feel to your web site.

Best regards

Jim Nannery
owner -


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