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RE: [css-d] Elementary problems...

Sent by John Woram on 29 January 2002 09:09

Al Sparber wrote: "...just imagine they are not there."

That works<g>. But the vertical ghostbar is just one of those
"Annoyances" that shouldn't be there. So I figured it would be nice if
there were some simple fix to kill it. On my home page it's no big
deal, but elsewhere I have some large map images and I'd like to grab
every bit of screen real estate I can. I even have some 1024 x 768
images. At full screen I want to see the whole works, and NO scroll
bar. But adding scroll="no" doesn't cut it, because then viewers at
lower resolutions (and/or smaller windows) can't see the whole image.
Anyway, writing a little Javascript style sheet section seems to do it
without causing grief in other browsers.

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