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developing for handheld

Sent by Junkked on 22 January 2005 04:04

What you need is references for "xhtml basic 1.0" this is the xhtml sub set  
for handheld or mobile content. It is the standard for wap 2.0
I have just recently started to look for info on this myself but only just  
discovered I was looking for the wrong stuff, if you do a search using the 
terms  above you will be more successful.
try this for starters. it has both xhtml and css references for level one  
two and three.
I should point out that thereis very little info currently available, I  
think your best bet is to buy a book, do not bother getting anything from amazon  
, you will need to study the content before you buy, a lot of these books are  
out of date eventhough they have been published just last year.
As for designing css content for all the different platforms, good luck  
you'll need it because it will take you the rest of your life!
All the latest mobilephones(they areas powerful as some pdas) in  Europe have 
wap or gprs connections and every manufacturer has proprietary  software, the 
US will not be far behind. 
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