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Re: [css-d] float:right and Mac IE5

Sent by Nick Zadrozny on 25 January 2002 03:03

On Thu, Jan 24, 2002 at 11:48:27PM -0800, Scott Andrew LePera [EMAIL-REMOVED]) wrote:
> Hello everyone. For my inaugural post on css-discuss, I'd like to ask for
> advice on a full CSS site redesign.  Here's the URL:

Hello.  For my inaugural post I had an embarrassing incident with the
reply key, so I feel the need now to contribute something at least
marginally useful. O:-)

Your CSS layout looks great in Mozilla 0.9.7 on Linux, nearly
identical to the tables-based in appearance, as you mentioned.  The
same goes for Opera 6.0 TP3.

There are differences in margins and other various spacings, of
course, but Mozilla has one difference between the tables and CSS
layout that Opera does not have: the margin above the date is smaller.
In Opera it is identical to the tables version.

For the inquiring minds out there, about how long did it take you to
convert that layout from tables to CSS?  I'm sure there are plenty of
people still hesitating whether or not to make the switch as well, and
an example like your site may very well be encouraging to many.

Nick Zadrozny [EMAIL-REMOVED]>
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